I’m Thankful For…

I’m thankful for so much this Thanksgiving. Life has definitely flipped upside down for the girls and I but that doesn’t change the fact that with all the mess comes a whole lot of beautiful.

First off, I am beyond thankful for my girls. There would be no life without their constant giggles alongside their beating the crap out of each other and fighting over who’s turn it is to take the dog out.

I’m thankful for the old and new friends who have lent and ear for me to rant to, helped me move out and into my new place, convinced me to stay in Austin rather than run to a different state, who rallied behind me with no judgement, and who opened their arms for me to fall into when the weight of the world was crushing me.

I am thankful for my newfound freedom. No longer do I suffer from the crippling anxiety that often comes along with step-motherhood. No longer do I walk on eggshells in fear of pissing the Mister off. I can finally be my crazy self and embrace it fully.

I am thankful for the strength within that I didn’t know existed until my seemingly perfect world crumbled beneath me. The strength that holds the family together even during the most difficult days. The strength that helps ensure I get out of bed each day despite wanting to hide under the covers.

I am thankful for all the lessons learned from this pain. They have made me a better mother, friend, and human being.

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  1. Kimo

    Good for you, Amoya.

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