My initial idea of homeschooling was a structured day with a set curriculum. Well that flippin’ went out the window day one! Instead, you will often find our family outside just having some plain ol’ fun-in-the-sun.

A few weeks back we were in San Antonio when we decided to check out the Doseum (a children’s museum). What an amazing place! My two older girls went about exploring on their own almost immediately. This still makes me nervous but I am trying to give them freedom even though I am terrified all the time of something happening to them. This also helps me fight the urge to direct them. I mean. I want them to learn but I know forcing them to read something or pay attention teaches them nothing. However, giving them the freedom to explore and play, allows them to learn what they want when they want. Imagine that! Kids learning and exploring on their own with little guidance.


I practiced observing them, and I have to say it was beautiful. Since we started unschooling, I have noticed a newfound freedom in the girls.

The anxiety that use to riddle them each day before school seems to have disappeared. Instead, they are taking chances, exploring, playing, and asking more questions than ever before.

A sense of freedom has definitely taken over our little family and I am embracing every moment of it.


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