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The sound of the radio greeted us as we walked through the front door of the tiny two story apartment. Immediately, it felt like home- a feeling we hadn’t had in quite some time. A faint smell of cinnamon danced in the air as we took in our surroundings.

“It’s so cute, Mom!” the middle child squeaked.

“It is amazing,” I returned as I closed the door and glanced around.

The big girls ran upstairs to look for their room as I checked out the cozy living room and kitchen. The small sofa, draped in a white blanket, overflowed with colorful pillows. Quilts hung in the corner by a clock designed out of an old red ladder. I fell onto the couch smiling. The toddler whined for me to pick her up and we snuggled for just a little while before heading upstairs to check out our room.

It was small like everything in the apartment. The queen sized bed was raised slightly off the ground by a wooden platform. The ceiling slanted down sharply connecting with the tiled wooden floors. A small dresser stood against the wall directly in front of the bed. Two wooden crates hung on each side of the bed making the perfect place for me to store my books and journals. One small red lamp sat on one of the crates creating the perfect reading area. Its perfect. Every quirky details feels magical.

Instantly, I regretted my decision to only book the place for a month. It was a new listing on Airbnb so I was hesitant to book it in general. With no reviews, I knew it was a risk but the price was unbeatable. My goal was to slow it down, stick around in one place for a while, and save money. We found fast travel exhausting and expensive at times. It was also taxing on my emotions.

Over the next few days we got to know the small town of Arnprior a bit. I am not a small town girl but something about this town is so inviting. We walked to the thrift shop and managed to grab a bunch of winter gear for less than ten dollars. We stumbled upon a book shop right afterwards. Anyone that knows me knows that bookshops are my happy place. To make it even more perfect, the bookshop is connected to a coffee shop. Coffee and books anyone?

I struggle with loneliness as a single mom and it can be difficult not having adult conversations. Luckily, our little home is attached to a much larger home and the host is wonderful. She greeted us the first morning after we arrived and has made sure to answer any questions and address all of our needs. This is truly what I love about using Airbnb instead of a hotel. You meet the best people and develop lifelong friendships.

We decided to extend our stay until the end of January possibly longer. We still have the issue of the middle child’s braces needing to be tightened every 8 weeks so will at some point have to go back to Austin, TX for a few days to a week. I wish I could come up with a solution for the braces because flying back to Austin every 2 to 3 months is slowing us down and adding unnecessary expenses but I have heard that orthodontist are hesitant to work on anyone else’s braces. Legally, we can stay in Canada for up to 6 months as tourist so we are covered there. For now, we are going to enjoy our little home and explore this community, save money, and work on healing.

Trippin' Momma

Blogger, Storyteller, Traveler, and Kick A** Single Momma!


Blogger, Storyteller, Traveler, and Kick A** Single Momma!

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2 thoughts on “Learning To Slow It Down By Slow Traveling- Trippin’ Momma”

  1. Learning to slow travel is very different from the typical way of travelling, isn’t it?

    As for accommodations, I do the same thing – If I am iffy about a place, I book for a few nights to see if I like it before extending my booking. There’s a risk that it might get booked, but there’s also the risk of being tied down to a place that I don’t like. Never an easy decision!

    I hope you enjoy Canada! And if you have questions, let me know!

    1. I totally agree. I took a risk with our current place and luckily it worked out but I do not know if I will take the same risk in the future. It would not be fun to be stuck in a place I hated for an entire month. Slow traveling is so different but we are truly enjoying it.

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