After our car accident, I found us a rental in our old neighborhood off Airbnb. It was last minute and during peak season so I went over budget big time. On the plus side, since Airbnb counts as travel I get 3 times the points on my Chase Sapphire Reserve which is the best travel credit card ever!


We were desperate for that home feeling. I knew that the best thing for the girls and I was for us to be near friends in a familiar place. We have been here since July 1st and I can’t begin to explain how nice it has been. We finally feel at home again. The house is bright and airy. Everything is clean and perfectly furnished. It feels good to be near friends again. I don’t know what this means for us but I do know we feel more secure than we have felt in the last 6 months.


I have seen a change in the girls. They both seem to have more energy and more motivation to work in their workbooks. My oldest loves the desk. It is her favorite spot in the house.


All of us enjoy having a dining table again. It has been a while. Now we can enjoy some meals together again. I even borrowed a high chair for the month and the baby couldn’t be happier. She loves her high chair. Don’t get me wrong. We still find ourselves eating dinner in the living room while watching a good movie.


Lately, I have found myself obsessed with searching for rentals and homes for sale in the neighborhood. I feel guilty for being on my phone so much, and I feel hopeless because of how high prices are. It is ridiculous. These homes were built in the 40’s and 50’s which adds to their charm but they should not cost this much. As of now, I am not seeing how I am going to pull this off. If majority of my income is going to housing costs, then that will leave very little for travel. That’s not going to work for us. Travel is still a priority even if we do have to work it around the school schedule. I am hoping for a miracle right about now.


Update: We decided to head out on a crazy road trip and give the idea of a home base more thought. As of now it is not for us. The middle child decided against going back to public school and we have been happy traveling ever since. We are currently enjoying Canada.

Trippin' Momma

Blogger, Storyteller, Traveler, and Kick A** Single Momma!


Blogger, Storyteller, Traveler, and Kick A** Single Momma!

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