5 Reasons Why Mexico Is The Perfect Place For Single Moms

5 Reasons Why Mexico Is the Perfect Place For Single Moms

Typically, Mexico isn’t the first place on a single mom’s mind because it’s constantly in the headlines for being unsafe. You can read my satire post on the 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Mexico to get my thoughts on that craziness by clicking here right now. Actually, Mexico is an amazing place for single moms and here are 5 Reasons Why Mexico is The Perfect Place For Single Moms.

1.It’s Dirt Cheap

Now, of course for the locals, it is not necessarily dirt cheap but for the American dollar, it is. Simply put. Your single mom budget can stretch a whole lot longer in Mexico than it can back in the good ol’ USA. I can feed my family of four a delicious meal at a restaurant for around $12 to $15. Mcdonalds cost more than that back home and I do love me some McDonalds.

2.Nanny 911

Childcare back stateside costs an arm and a leg. Even babysitters cost too damn much back in the homeland. But here in Mexico, you can hire an amazing nanny for relatively cheap. My nanny only costs 80 pesos an hour which comes out to $4.50 an hour USD. She is a Godsend! Daycare is even cheaper. Say what?! You mean to tell me daycare doesn’t cost the equivalent of your ridiculous mortgage payment? Hell no! Not in Mexico.

3. Let Freedom Ring

You know those stairs you get when your toddler decides to have a complete meltdown. In Mexico, the little old women will not stare. Instead, they will offer to help you. It is okay for kids to be kids in Mexico. They can play in the streets, run around a restaurant, and be there normal terrorizing selves. Yay! You don’t have to worry about CPS getting called because your kids are playing out front by themselves. Nice.

4. Community Of Single Moms

A community is super duper important when you are a single mom. I struggled in the states to meet up and connect with other single moms. Here in Mexico, I can’t stop meeting them. They seem to be everywhere. Seriously. I am terrified to move onto our next destination because I don’t know if I will make the connections I have here. If I needed help, there are other moms I can call, and I know they would help me in a heartbeat. That is pretty amazing!

5. The Hotties!

Mexico breeds beautiful men. Okay. Okay. I haven’t really been looking because I am usually chasing around a screaming toddler. But I do know that there have been a few beautiful men that have been quick to help if they see me struggling to carry groceries, or struggling with anything really. It is nice and I am sure there are some women out there that will appreciate a good looking man helping them out.


Now that you have read the 5 Reasons Why Mexico Is The Perfect Place For Single Moms you can join Single Moms In Mexico Facebook group and my group Single Moms Do Travel.   Let me know in the comments how you feel about Mexico being the perfect place for single moms. Do you think there is another country that would be perfect for single moms? Let me know.



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