Headed To Playa Del Carmen

We are so excited to be headed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! On April 3rd we hop on a flight to Cancun. From there we head to our Airbnb rental in Playa Del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen is a small tourist city with a large expat community located along the Carribean Sea. Even with recent travel warnings, I couldn’t be happier to be heading to this trendy city in the Riviera Maya.

Airbnb For The Save

Luckily, our Airbnb rental is within walking distance to the beach and 5th ave. 5th Ave is the most popular street in Playa Del Carmen. It should be fun to check out but it is geared towards tourists so it is going to be pricey. Our current city of Guanajuato has been amazing but we are ready for a new adventure.

Missing The USA

First of all, we absolutely love swimming and the ocean! Just walking on the beach tends to soothe my soul and improve my creativity. I hate to say this but we miss some American type luxuries. Playa has a Walmart, two malls, English speaking movies, and a Costco. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus! I am worried that it might feel too touristy to us but we are hoping that won’t be the case. We shall see.

To Settle Or Not To Settle

We still don’t know if we are going to get a long-term rental or continue on our nomadic journey. I am thinking we will continue being nomadic. The thought of settling down scares the shit out of me. I absolutely hate having to make big decisions. That is what I did here in Guanajuato, and it was an epic fail!

I have been desperately trying to connect with other single mommas in Playa Del Carmen beforehand like I did here but so far no luck. That has me worried. Having a single mom community here in Guanajuato City has been such an amazing experience. Hopefully, once I get there, I can connect with some mommas.

You Did What?

So… I did this crazy thing where I booked a tiny cute studio near 5th ave and the beach off Airbnb. It is probably the size of a closet and has NO air conditioning! We have been without air conditioning since we came to Mexico back in January but here in Guanajuato, the cooler temps make that perfectly fine. However, I’ve heard Playa Del Carmen is hot as hell, and I am having an anxiety attack thinking about it all. We have had a few bad experiences with rentals and no air conditioning. Lord help me! I am praying for the best and expecting the worst. We shall see!


Momma Needs A Break!

The search for a nanny continues for the toddler. This momma needs a break. Seriously, I envision myself laying on one of those beach beds having margaritas brought to me by a shirtless beautiful local man while I type on my laptop like a true digital nomad, or while I read a damn good book like Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass! Yes! I am envisioning that already so I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! You hear that, Universe?


Saving That Money

We are trying to stay on a strict budget next month in Playa Del Carmen, which is going to be challenging with all the cool tourist traps I keep hearing about. After living like a local for the past month, I am jonesing for some tourist shit. But… I am also following Dave Ramsey’s Path to debt free living so I need to keep that in mind. It worked for me years ago when I paid off mine and my husbands’ at the time credit card debt. I stayed credit card debt free until my separation and subsequent divorce. Luckily, the beach is free.

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