My Life In Albania

Life In Albania

Imagine a country where the people are kind and welcoming, the sun shines nearly every day, the prices are as cheap as Thailand, and visas are not an issue for Americans considering they can stay for up to a year visa-free. Does such a magical place exist? It sure as heck does! Welcome to my life in Albania.

If you have been a reader of the blog for a while, you know just how much I loved Mexico. I even named The Best City In Mexico For Single Moms. Well, there just might be a place I love even more than Mexico. Listen up, single mommas. Life in Albania is good.

Albania has stolen my heart in the short time we’ve been here. A month ago, it wasn’t even on my radar and now that I am here, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Here is what life in Albania is like.

Loving People

As an American, I am surrounded by people who freaking love me which is not usually my experience as a “tourist”. They actually want us here and the locals will go out of the way to make you feel welcome.

On the plane ride over, a woman and her infant son sat next to Novie and I. Even though her son cried most of the flight because his little ears hurt, she still managed to talk to me and give me her number in case I needed any help while in Tirana, Albania. She also handed us a chocolate candy bar when Novie started throwing one of her many tantrums.

Gentlemen Aren’t Just In The South

When a man saw my hands full with Novella and my purse, he insisted on helping with Novella’s stroller. Walking up to immigration was such a surprising experience. I stupidly forgot the girls’ birth certificates in our bags we checked last minute. This immediately made me think of our Ireland Immigration nightmare. You can read about that experience here or you can watch our YouTube video about the experience here.

Albania, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. The customs and immigration officer played with Novella and everything. When the officer overheard me talking to the girls about stamps after she had already handed our passports back to us, she took them back and put stamps in them. She welcomed us into the country with no questions asked. Our host was there to greet us with smiles and drive us to our Airbnb rental for the month. It was hands down the best travel experience we had since becoming full-time travelers.

It Speaks To My Soul

The city of Tirana wasn’t anything like I had imagined. Immediately, I loved everything about. It has this amazing mix of old and new with lots of trees and parks which surprised me for a big city. Beautiful mountains surround the city making for the perfect photo backdrop. I had pre-booked a 3-month rental in a much smaller town in Albania that we were supposed to head to after Tirana. I knew I had made a mistake as we drove through the vibrant streets of Tirana. Tirana, Albania was the city I needed to stay in. Every part of my being was telling me this. 

There was freshly cut up watermelon in the fridge waiting for us when we arrived plus cold water so we didn’t have to head out that evening. Was this a sign? I am addicted to watermelon.  We could just rest.

How in the world have I never heard of Albania? Seriously. This country has so much to offer and it heads to the top of my list for the best countries for single moms beating out my previous first of Mexico.


The quality of life here for a single mom with the American dollar could be pretty darn amazing. As much as I loved Italy, which is the country we were in previously, I had a small heart attack each time we went grocery shopping. In Albania, however, I can grocery shop with ease because everything is so damn affordable. The dollar goes far here. Very far. 

I’ll be honest. I don’t love cooking. Luckily, I can afford to eat out plenty here. A good meal in a restaurant cost about $2 to $4.

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Location Is Everything

Located in North Eastern Europe right above Greece, there are so many countries you can visit while experiencing life in Albania. You have beaches and mountains here and locals that actually welcome you. It is not overrun by tourists like many other places in Europe are. It is a city full of colors, playgrounds, parks, streets lined with cafes, and fun bars on every corner. 


Y’all! They have a movie theatre here with all English movies. That almost never happens in another country. Wait! There’s more! They have a big English bookstore. I loooooovvvee books! It is one of the negatives of fulltime travel in other countries. There is usually no way of getting English books.

Dream Work

This amazing city has truly inspired me. After a year and a half of full-time travel, I am finally launching a new coaching program, and I’m searching for TWO mommas ready to live A LIFE OF FREEDOM. The happiness I feel on a daily basis should be shared with others. Are you ready to trade in your current life for a life of full-time travel? Do you already have a location independent income? Are you legally able to travel with your child for at least six months? Are you ready to work with me 1-on-1 and set out on this amazing journey in 90 days or less? If I am speaking to you, comment below that you are ready or send me an email at I’m ready for you!


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  1. I am ready but almost there already. I plan to do this once my daughter knows how to read and write. Love your blog and Tirana sounds amazing!!!

  2. my co-worker introduced me to your blog. I have always wanted to do this, for as long as I can remember. I do not have location independent income, yet but I am interested in looking at your blog for suggestions. I need this for my life.

    1. Hey Whitney, tell your co-worker I said thank you for introducing you to my blog. Creating a location independent income is normally the biggest obstacle for people who want to live this lifestyle. There are many online teaching companies and online companies, in general, you can work for. I always suggest starting there but ultimately creating your own online business so you live by no one else’s rules. I go over how to create a location independent income in my Single Moms Do Travel Mentoring Program. You will be living this lifestyle before you know it!
      Here is more info about the program.

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