We did it! We sold and donated 99% of our things, sold our home, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. I have no clue what I am doing. I don’t really have a set plan either. What I do know is that the remainder of our things fit in the back of our minivan. The girls are more than excited, and this momma has completely lost her mind. Seriously, who does something like this?

Currently, we are enjoying a trip visiting the grandparents in Florida. A lot of swimming and fun in the sun is involved with some morning book work mixed in.

We spent two days at Disney World which was the girls’ Christmas present.

Let me just say, that was flippin’ exhausting but awesome at the same time! I look forward to relaxing as much as possible the rest of the time here while planning our big trip for the month of May. We are still trying to decided between Japan, Hawaii, Germany, Mexico, or Cuba, or Puerto Rico? Where do you think we should go next?

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