Traveling The World



I decided to go for it! We decided to sell all our material possessions and travel the world.

After embarking on this unschooling journey with my girls and seeing how our lives have already changed because of it, I decided to take it a step further. With money being tight, I knew that renting or owning a place on top of traveling would not be an option right now.  Instead, we will be Airbnb’n it once my current lease is up in July. I already booked our first place for the month of August. Our own tiny home! We are beyond excited and extremely nervous.

What if we absolutely hate it?

What if I am beyond tempted to strangle my not-so-sweet children? Surely, there are laws against that type of thing, right?

On top of all that, this will be our first experience with a composting toilet. I have no clue what this actually entails.

Nonetheless, every month we plan to call a new place home. We don’t really have a set plan but we are thrilled to be starting on this new journey.

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  1. Eva

    Hey lots of luck!

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