Single Mom Nomad Life: Everything You Need To Know About Living A Nomadic Life As A Single Mom

I decided to go for it! We decided to sell all our material possessions and travel the world back in 2017. Can you believe it? Not only does single mom travel exist but single mom nomad life exists! This blog documents our year and a half journey of traveling the world full-time. I believe that we are so much more than just single moms. I truly believe that we can do it all despite what society likes to tell single moms they can do.

Single Mom Nomad Life

I’m sure you have heard of the digital nomad trend going on right now where people literally get rid of all their worldly possessions to travel the world with nothing but a laptop and backpack. They bounce from exotic location to exotic location staying in hostels, working on the beach, and bringing in money just from their laptops.

First of all, what exactly is a digital nomad? A digital nomad according to digital nomad soul is simply a longterm traveler that makes money online.

Now,  what happens if you are a single mom of three trying to pull this nomad life off? Well… this blog will show you what single mom nomad life really looks like and how it is absolutely possible for you to live this nomad life as well.

Nomad life is not always a luxurious life especially in the beginning but it is an adventure you will never forget. I swear to it. If you want to know the Truth About Being A Digital Nomad read this post by clicking here. 

Although nomad life might not be for everyone, I highly recommend you give it a try especially if you are a single mom.

Why Should You Give Nomad Life A Try As A Single Mom?

That is easy! You should give nomad life a try as a single mom because it is an absolutely life-changing experience.

Nomad life has transformed not only me but my daughters as well. When we first set out on this journey in early 2017, I was broken and shattered after leaving an emotionally abusive marriage that I completely lost myself in. My kids were also broken. They were terribly shy and lacked confidence.

Now,  thanks to nomad life, they can order items off the menu by themselves in another language, go grocery shopping by themselves at the local markets in a foreign country, and adapt to living in another country every few months. I stand in awe sometimes looking at how much they have transformed.

My nearly 3-year-old didn’t ever want me to put her down when we first started this journey. She was terrified of anyone that wasn’t family. Now, she commands the attention of everyone around her and wants to run everywhere. She absolutely thrives in new situations.

single mom nomad life
Novie showing off for the locals in Mexico

Single Mom Narrative

Now, I know the typical single mom narrative you hear about most often is one of struggle but I am making sure to write a new narrative for single moms and I am not alone in this mission. Blogs like Negra bohemian, Wealthy Single Mommy, and Tai Travels, are just a few of the blogs out there that show how the typical broke down single mom narrative has transformed into a narrative of limitless possibilities for single mom households.

Single moms can literally give their children the world and you would be damned to get in their way.

nomad life

The Advantage Of Nomad Life As A Single Mom

There are so many advantages to the nomad life. Let me break it down for you.

1. No Bra Or Pants

Y’all! I am sitting here right now writing this blog post while in my bed in beautiful Mexico with no pants or bra on and a fresh cookie and glass of milk right beside me. Can you say dream life? I don’t know many jobs that will allow you to show up braless and pantless. Well… I could name a few but still… this digital nomad life is the dream. I try to avoid putting a bra and pants on at all costs.

2. No Commute

I haven’t even got out of bed this morning much less had to jump in my car and sit in traffic while trying to get to a job I absolutely hate. It is hard to believe how much of my life used to be sitting in traffic and now I don’t even own a car. If I want, I can choose to go to a local coffee shop to work but my favorite place to work is in my very comfy bed. Hell yes! Can you think about not only the time savings but the cost savings when you don’t have to pay for gas or public transportation? Write my name down for this nomad life already!

3. Screw The Alarm Clock

This is probably the number one benefit of nomad life. I seriously hate alarm clocks. It is such an annoying and unnatural way to wake-the-fuck-up. Who wants to wake up to some blaring alarm telling us it is time to get started with our miserable day? Not me. Now, I let the sun or my two-year-old banging on my head wake me up. Both are better than a damn alarm for sure.

4. No Schedule Here

The thought of having a set schedule terrifies me. Seriously. I had enough of a schedule back in my military days even though I would call it more of a 24-hour schedule rather than just a set schedule. Now, I choose when, where, and how much I want to work on a daily basis. I love doing a few hours of focused work first thing in the morning and then taking my girls out to explore whatever current city we are in or just lounging around the house and relaxing all day with no set plans. We call these lazy days. They are the best!

5. Every Day Is Saturday 

With nomad life, every day is Saturday. Actually, I forget what day of the week it is often because I no longer live for the weekends. When you create your dream life, every day tends to feel like the weekend. It is the best! No more living for Saturdays and no more dreading Mondays with this nomad life.

How Can I Become A Nomad?

I get this question from people all the time especially from single moms who are barely making ends meet with life in the US. The truth is that there are many different ways to make this lifestyle a reality sooner rather than later. I was able to launch quickly after deciding this is what I wanted because I had my military retirement. It wasn’t much but it was a guaranteed monthly income. Check out my YouTube video below filled with loads of info on how you can make this dream a reality as quickly as possible.

Here is a quick overview of the video for those of you who are not wanting to sit through a 25-minute long video of me trying to explain how I afford to travel full-time while being attacked by Florida bugs.

1. A Location Independent Income

You absolutely need a location independent income. There is no way around this. Look at the income you already have coming in. Is there a way to make it location independent income? Can you ask your boss to let you work remotely? Do you receive funds from disability, child support, etc… Let me warn you right now. I never advise depending on child support. It is not guaranteed.

Actually, I advise having multiple income streams. You will need to find a way to make money online. You could teach English online with multiple companies, blog, vlog, sell shit, do social media marketing, work as a freelancer doing various things online, start your own business, coach, mentor, write an ebook, or sell an online course.

Of course, there are many more ways as well. I am just giving you a few ideas to get you started on your nomad life as soon as possible. Start today. Stop waiting. Stop overthinking it and stop making excuses. You are reading this which means the idea is already in your mind so let’s make this happen nomad queens!

2. The Legal Side Of Things

If you are a single mom like me, you need to make sure you can legally travel with your child. This could be very complicated depending on your relationship with your child’s other parent. The nomad life is not possible without you being able to legally travel with your child.

I discussed this lifestyle with my ex before our divorce was finalized. I also had my divorce papers written in a certain way that would allow me to travel and live abroad with my kids legally. If your child’s other parent is a healthy positive person in their life, then longterm travel without that parent might not be the best thing for them. This is something you and the other parent will have to work out. I offer hour-long consultations to help you with the exact language needed in your court papers so you can travel and live abroad with your child. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here. 

3. Mindset

The money and the legalities do not matter if you don’t have the right mindset. What do I mean by this? Travel is tough. Single mom travel is super tough and single mom nomad life is even tougher. You need to be prepared for everything to go absolutely wrong. You need to be prepared for when you are going to want to quit so you acknowledge that it is a feeling and it will pass. Trust me. I have wanted to quit plenty of times but I am so glad that I never gave up on this amazing lifestyle. I might have slowed it down a bit by Moving To Mexico but I never gave up on the single mom nomad life.

Do I have you convinced yet to make the leap? If you still have questions, leave me a comment or join my Single Moms DO Travel group on Facebook where you can be inspired by many single moms who have already made the leap into single mom nomad life.

If you are more than ready to take the leap but are looking for a coach to help guide you through the transition, I am the one you need. Set up a free chat with me by clicking here, and let’s discuss ways we can work together to get you from where you are currently at on this journey, to where you want to be.



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