Vegas Fun With Kids

Yes, you heard that right. Vegas is the perfect place for kids. I found myself searching for travel deals on skyscanner again when I came across cheap tickets to Vegas. Like all you probably did, I hesitated and wondered if Vegas was kid friendly. I reached out to my worldschooling group and was flooded with ideas and encouragement. I purchased those darn tickets and off the girls and I went to Vegas. They were so excited that even though I told them our flight was delayed two hours they still wanted to go at its original scheduled time. Big mistake. We had to wait at the airport for four hours before take off. It was already a late night flight and this just made things that much worse. It was definitely a lesson learned. After getting in at about 2 am, taking two buses to our off site car rental place, and then finally arriving at the hotel around 3 am, we finally got a good night’s sleep.

We stayed at the Linq hotel after snagging a great deal off of Hotwire. For those of you that don’t know, Hotwire can be a great way to save money on hotels. You basically choose the hotel’s star rating and general location and Hotwire chooses the hotel for you. You don’t get the name of the hotel until after you pay. We have had both negative and positive experiences using it. We really wanted a pool and the Linq had one but it was for adults only. They have a neighborhood hotel pool families can use but it was closed for the season. This was a big disappointment. We also got s room with a view of the garage which is typical when you book on a discount website. I don’t mind saving almost $100 a night by having a view of the garage. More money saved means more money we get to spend on fun.

Honestly, just walking around and looking at all the different hotel themes can keep kids entertained. They are all so different and it is totally free.

Luckily, we had a rental car so we were able to venture off the strip as well. We fell in love with the container park. Even with is being freaking hot, the kids had a ton of fun.


The oldest kid even found a llama crossing. Llamas are her favorite animals!

Right by the container park is good ol’ Freemont street. It was pretty entertaining and we were glad we didn’t skip it.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the Discovery Children’s Museum. We spent hours there learning, exploring, and playing.

Viva Las Vegas!

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