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Welcome to my blog! Here you can find inspiration, heartwarming stories, laugh-out-loud articles, and tips for traveling and living abroad as a single mom. A year and a half ago, I got rid of it all to travel the world with my three daughters. It has been one crazy adventure ever since!

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  1. Reading your blogs is so inspiring, I split from my husband over a year ago since when I found him cheating. It has been quite nasty and uncivil since. We still work together which doesn’t help. We have a two year old boy together, I’m 100% me and my boy will be travelling from February. We plan to sell everything and ensuring there’s an emergency fund… looking forward to living life. There are a lot of opinionated people that say this is irresponsible and not financially sound. Personally I’m nervous if it doesn’t work. But at the same time want to see my little boy grow each day rather than remain in this situation of working to pay for childcare and bills whilst waiting for my ex, to change and become a responsible parent who cares. Can you give any advice? Cara x

    1. Cara, the best advice I can give you is to just go for it! Even if for some reason it doesn’t work out in the long run, it will still be a life changing experience! I can totally relate to the nastiness of divorce. It must be really tough having to work with him. My heart hurts for you. I don’t get cheating! It shows a lack of maturity on their part. I learned just how much better my life was once I got rid of the dead weight. You are strong and you are powerful. You and your boy will do just fine. I have a group on Facebook you might want to join for added advice called Single Moms Do Travel. You can also email me at I would love to hear from you.

  2. I to love your story!
    I’m a single mom of 2 (8 & 5) from the Netherlands.
    I think fear and finance is the only thing that is holding me back right now.

    You inspire me to make sure our dream come true.

    1. Tahnee, I totally understand. As far as fear goes, you just have to go for it. I have to work through the fear all the time but it is always worth it. When it comes to finances, just make sure you have everything in order and you will be just fine. There are so many online options available. It is pretty amazing. You’ve got this momma!!

    1. How old are your kids, could they perhaps talk to Dad and express their desire to go? I find my husband has a hard time telling the kids no when he ca easily say it to me 😉 We are in a rocky place but I just told him the kids and I are going and if he feels like he wants to take me to court then so be it. Hopefully he wouldnt choose that route. I would of course ensure the kids are home for holidays and help in anyway to get him and his parents to meet up with us to spend time and make memories.

  3. I am thankful I found your blog. My son and I have been wishing to travel and trying to figure how to do it non-traditionally has been my issue. I currently am a high school teacher in TX but truly did not want to teach overseas which seems to be the way most people start out. I would truly prefer the digital nomad style and either homeschool or unschooling method for my son. I will be going through your blog for sure.

  4. I am a single mom and want to start teaveling with my daughter who is 10. I’m just now joining your blog. I’m so encouraged to know and see other single moms are doing this. I too desire a life of travel and am tired of the typical 9-5 rat race. Our first trip this summer is going to be to Ghana to celebrate the Year of Return, but Mexico is on our agenda too. Especially since we are based in AZ. I’m a teacher so financially I will probably be pursuing the international teaching route. At least to start.

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