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Welcome to my single mom blog that focuses on single mom life, travel, lifestyle design, and living abroad! This started as a place where I shared the adventures of my three daughters and I when we decided to get rid of it all and travel the world full-time. It has transformed into so much more since then.

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Hey there! I’m Amoya Shante also known as Trippin’ Momma. I am a coach, blogger, and most importantly mom to Mia on the left, Alaya on the right, and little Novella on my back.

Back in 2016, I was living the American dream. We had it all – the big fancy house with all the furnishings, the doting husband, and the kids attended a top-rated school.

I should have been happy. I had finally finished my degree, had a brand new baby girl, and on the surface, things looked pretty darn good! BUT…  I was absolutely and undeniably MISERABLE.

If misery were not enough, my marriage fell apart, my blended family split, and the girls’ and I’s lives shattered. So what did I do?

I did the only thing that made sense. I sold the house, donated and sold most of our possessions, and pulled the girls out of school to set out on an adventure around the world and become a digital nomad mom.

Unfortunately, we had some setbacks.

The girls’ passports were held up, my divorce got complicated and drawn out, and the fear of traveling alone slowed us down.

Even with all those complications, we still spent an amazing month in Puerto Rico and did some super fun stateside trips including Disney World.

Travel Time

Fast forward to us having all passports in hand, we dove back in by doing a 7-week crazy road trip where I finally was able to finalize my divorce over the phone and gain my freedom. 

After that, we took a road trip to Canada where we froze our butts off for nearly two months.

When we had enough of the lack of sunlight and freezing temps in Canada, we decided we could find a healthy dose of sunshine in Mexico so we drove back to Texas, left the vehicle, hopped on a plane, and started our 4-month adventure in Mexico.

We fell absolutely in love with Mexico and decided to finally settle down there. Sike!

After a month, we realized having a home base at the time, so our travels began again. We even hopped on YouTube to start documenting our journey there. After spending 6 weeks in amazing Playa Del Carmen, Mexico we went back to the US to tie up some loose ends.

From day 1 back in the states, it was a struggle. We no longer fit in. Mexico had truly opened our eyes to a life of travel and living abroad.

Within three weeks of being back in the states, we were on a plane headed to Europe. From there, we would experience craziness in Ireland, love in Italy, and a feeling of home in Albania.

Albania taught us so much about the world but after five months and a mysterious illness, we left and went back to the states for a few weeks before officially quitting my American life and moving to Mexico.

We started in Guanajuato City, Mexico and have since moved to Merida, Mexico where we are currently opening up a single mom hostel. We will continue adventuring on through all the heartache, stress, good times and bad.

This is not a normal single mom blog. My goal here is to inspire you to follow your dreams and live your best life now.

Don’t wait to start living.

Live now and live well.

The world is full of infinite possibilities. You just have to go for it. I am so happy you are joining us on our journey. You never know. This could be the start of yours and you found the single mom blog to help guide your way!

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