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Welcome to my single mom blog that focuses on single mom life, travel, lifestyle design, and living abroad! This started as a place where I shared the adventures of my three daughters and I when we decided to get rid of it all and travel the world full-time. It has transformed into so much more since then.

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single mom living and traveling abroad

Hey there! I’m Amoya Shante also known as Trippin’ Momma. I am a mentor, blogger, and most importantly mom to Mia on the left, Alaya on the right, and little Novella on my back.

Back in 2016, I was living the American dream. We had it all – the big fancy house with all the furnishings, the doting husband, and the kids attended a top-rated school.

I should have been happy. I had finally finished my degree, had a brand new baby girl, and on the surface, things looked pretty darn good! BUT…  I was absolutely and undeniably MISERABLE.

If misery were not enough, my marriage fell apart, my blended family split, and the girls’ and I’s lives shattered. So what did I do?

I did the only thing that made sense. I sold the house, donated and sold most of our possessions, and pulled the girls out of school to set out on an adventure around the world and become a digital nomad mom.

Unfortunately, we had some setbacks.

The girls’ passports were held up, my divorce got complicated and drawn out, and the fear of traveling alone slowed us down.

Even with all those complications, we still spent an amazing month in Puerto Rico and did some super fun stateside trips including Disney World.

Travel Time

Fast forward to us having all passports in hand, we dove back in by doing a 7-week crazy road trip where I finally was able to finalize my divorce over the phone and gain my freedom. 

After that, we took a road trip to Canada where we froze our butts off for nearly two months.

Freezing my butt off in Quebec City, Canada

When we had enough of the lack of sunlight and freezing temps in Canada, we decided we could find a healthy dose of sunshine in Mexico so we drove back to Texas, left the vehicle, hopped on a plane, and started our 4-month adventure in Mexico.

We fell absolutely in love with Mexico and decided to finally settle down there. Sike!

After a month, we realized having a home base at the time, so our travels began again. We even hopped on YouTube to start documenting our journey there. After spending 6 weeks in amazing Playa Del Carmen, Mexico we went back to the US to tie up some loose ends.

From day 1 back in the states, it was a struggle. We no longer fit in. Mexico had truly opened our eyes to a life of travel and living abroad.

Within three weeks of being back in the states, we were on a plane headed to Europe. From there, we would experience craziness in Ireland, love in Italy, and a feeling of home in Albania.

Albania taught us so much about the world but after five months and a mysterious illness, we left and went back to the states for a few weeks before officially quitting my American life and moving to Mexico.

Best places for single moms to live in the world

We started in Guanajuato City, Mexico and have since moved to Merida, Mexico where we are currently opening up a single mom hostel. We will continue adventuring on through all the heartache, stress, good times and bad.

This is not a normal single mom blog. My goal here is to inspire you to follow your dreams and live your best life now.

Don’t wait to start living.

Live now and live well.

The world is full of infinite possibilities. You just have to go for it. I am so happy you are joining us on our journey. You never know. This could be the start of yours and you found the single mom blog to help guide your way!

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Creating a Life Of Freedom

living an unconventional life as a single mom life
Hanging with fellow single mommas in Merida, MX

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  1. Reading your blogs is so inspiring, I split from my husband over a year ago since when I found him cheating. It has been quite nasty and uncivil since. We still work together which doesn’t help. We have a two year old boy together, I’m 100% me and my boy will be travelling from February. We plan to sell everything and ensuring there’s an emergency fund… looking forward to living life. There are a lot of opinionated people that say this is irresponsible and not financially sound. Personally I’m nervous if it doesn’t work. But at the same time want to see my little boy grow each day rather than remain in this situation of working to pay for childcare and bills whilst waiting for my ex, to change and become a responsible parent who cares. Can you give any advice? Cara x

    1. Cara, the best advice I can give you is to just go for it! Even if for some reason it doesn’t work out in the long run, it will still be a life changing experience! I can totally relate to the nastiness of divorce. It must be really tough having to work with him. My heart hurts for you. I don’t get cheating! It shows a lack of maturity on their part. I learned just how much better my life was once I got rid of the dead weight. You are strong and you are powerful. You and your boy will do just fine. I have a group on Facebook you might want to join for added advice called Single Moms Do Travel. You can also email me at I would love to hear from you.

      1. Amoya,

        Watching your family on House Hunters International was so inspiring. My husband and I have rewatched that one episode at least six times. Yes, we even took notes…and yes, we have never done that before , lol.
        We realize that your blog is for single moms and yet we are wondering if you would be willing to work with people that are looking to retire in Merida?

        Thank you, Colleen Pace

  2. I to love your story!
    I’m a single mom of 2 (8 & 5) from the Netherlands.
    I think fear and finance is the only thing that is holding me back right now.

    You inspire me to make sure our dream come true.

    1. Tahnee, I totally understand. As far as fear goes, you just have to go for it. I have to work through the fear all the time but it is always worth it. When it comes to finances, just make sure you have everything in order and you will be just fine. There are so many online options available. It is pretty amazing. You’ve got this momma!!

    1. How old are your kids, could they perhaps talk to Dad and express their desire to go? I find my husband has a hard time telling the kids no when he ca easily say it to me 😉 We are in a rocky place but I just told him the kids and I are going and if he feels like he wants to take me to court then so be it. Hopefully he wouldnt choose that route. I would of course ensure the kids are home for holidays and help in anyway to get him and his parents to meet up with us to spend time and make memories.

  3. I am thankful I found your blog. My son and I have been wishing to travel and trying to figure how to do it non-traditionally has been my issue. I currently am a high school teacher in TX but truly did not want to teach overseas which seems to be the way most people start out. I would truly prefer the digital nomad style and either homeschool or unschooling method for my son. I will be going through your blog for sure.

  4. I am a single mom and want to start teaveling with my daughter who is 10. I’m just now joining your blog. I’m so encouraged to know and see other single moms are doing this. I too desire a life of travel and am tired of the typical 9-5 rat race. Our first trip this summer is going to be to Ghana to celebrate the Year of Return, but Mexico is on our agenda too. Especially since we are based in AZ. I’m a teacher so financially I will probably be pursuing the international teaching route. At least to start.

    1. Hey Sherri! Absolutely! That is why I decided to set up a home base in Merida, Mexico. I actually struggled with making friends prior to traveling. Merida has this amazing single mom community and it just pulled me in. My kids wanted linger friendships as well which they have been able to create here in Mexico. I think you can do this while traveling as well it just takes some work. All relationships take work though.

  5. I really commend your courage! Yours is a great story about dealing with adversity in incredibly creative and positive ways. I’m an “extranjero” in one of the pueblos near Merida now, but my life (as a single Dad) revolved around travel for a lot of years before I arrived here, i.e. before I succumbed to the addiction that is Yucatan 😀
    In the course of what you do, do you ever come across single Dads who have taken the plunge into a life that is, at least structurally, similar to yours?

    1. Hello! Thank you so much. I also succumbed to the addiction that is Yucatan. lol
      Have you heard of The Single Dad Nomad? We’ve been chatting for years and he is the only single dad I know doing this.

  6. Amoya: I just saw you and your girls in HGTV when you found your new home. I’m a fan of House Hunter International and your story is fascinating and inspiring. Even though I’m not a single mom, I just wanted to come by your blog to say hi and cheers, you go girl! Your beautiful three daughters will be forever grateful and so proud of this tough and adventurouse mom, who on top of that is helping other single moms around the globe. My best wishes, I’m very touched by your experience. Hugs!

  7. Hi,
    I’m mexican, currently living in the northern part of Mexico (closer to TX) after living 4 years in Cancun.

    Reading your blog has been very encouraging! Life has been “rough” since I had my baby girl, I had to leave Cancun and move back to my parents house, I’m working on a kinda bad paying job that I dont like in order to be able to support my daughter. Her dad is not a bad person, but some people are not ready to be parents.

    After a year and a half, I’m just so unhappy. Being a parent changes your life, but doing it alone is such a big sacrifice and I’m so tired being unhappy. Happy babies need happy mothers!

    I’m planning to move, since I lived in Cancun and worked in the hospitality industry I hope to move to another beach here in México or apply to a Training in the US (I lived in DC for 2 years, I know how can expensive it can be). Everybody thinks you’re crazy when you talk about moving and how demotivating and scary things can be, they think you should be happy and comfortable with your circumstances.

    Anyway, just letting you know that I’m reading all your posts. You gave me courage to keep moving and taking decisions. Thank you!

  8. I’m tired of this empty, rat arceus based life. Each day I grow more and more depressed therefore less useful as a mom. I was to leave this place and take them with me overseas. The only job I have done for the past 23 years is as a Surgical Technologist. I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find any information on countries with hospitals that will hire from the US. Do you know of any resources that can help me?

    1. Hello Michelle! Thank you for your comment. Have you thought of getting out of that field and maybe trying teaching English online? That is what a majority of the single moms living this lifestyle are doing to fund it all. The empty rat race is no fun. I get it!

  9. I must say as an 50’s single dad you nailed it out of the park.
    Your article was inspirational, soul moving jaw dropping and when ever we needed most I pick the Wright article to read.
    Please note I’m suffering from deslacsia so if words are not spelled properly, please understand.
    Your extraordinarily told story touched my sole, as a man that lost his wife at a young age, I deadicated my life to my two young boys. I nevered married, we traveled the world, every year I spend five weeks with them on a different part of the map.
    So you can understand why I couldn’t put this story down. As you mentioned being a single parent is not a life full of struggles but a journey for the strong.
    As your story travelles through time your girls will go through a portal of time never to forget.
    Three things in my life were so important to me were to give the best education the happiest life and for me to retire early. So all has come to be ,I’m moving to Merida Mexico on May 19 Coronado permitting. So please help me in the best tacos best food and bezt gathering places, one last mention,
    Single moms you are a doctor, a teacher a nurse a maid, a cook a referee, a heroine a protected, a defender and a provider a true superwoman, wear your cape proudly. Excellent stories maybe one day I ll see you in Merida.
    Until then thank you for an extraordinary part of your life…god bless Larry 😄

    1. Hello Larry! Thank you so much for commenting. Were you able to move to Merida? My friend Nathan from the Foodie Flashpacker will probably have some great suggestions for places to eat around Merida. You should definitely check out his blog.

  10. My husband and I are finally able to buy a home but I am finally realizing that this marriage is not going to work. I’m trying to find my strength but it’s hard when I’m not financially independent but I hope to be soon. I just started speaking to my father and he lives in Mexico and he told me about Merida that it’s so beautiful and peaceful and how so many Americans live there. And then I read your blog. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

  11. I came upon your blog by chance and could not be more excited! I have a spark within me that has been flickering for some time now, reading through everything on your site has fueled this spark and I am so energized. I would love to know if anyone has thought about South Africa (Durban)? Thailand was once on my radar, but the visa laws change daily and I am looking for peace not more governmental regulations and requirements.

  12. I am not a single mother, I am a single father. Regardless, I find your advice, comments, articles, and bravery to be inspiring. Larry put it well.

    I have chosen to get t rid of all my possessions and live in Merida. I will not have a support system in Merida, I will have to build that. I have very supportive friends and family. They know… As a single father raising our two adopted (Russian) children and taking that on by myself – holy shikes. That is another story, but friends and family understand it is time for David to do what he always dreamed of doing.

    Merida is easy in and easy out enough to visit or receive visitors.

    The house is being renovated for sale. Hope to have it closed Nov/Dec 2020 and leave Jan 2021. My daughter is 22 and my son is going to the USMC. I have own doubts and fears too “but I also ha[ve] a burning desire for change and adventure.

    I too will push past those fears and doubts and transform my life. Watching your videos and blog helps.


  13. My daughter is grown and now 28..I taught high school spanish for many years in Las Vegas and Dallas..I also have a TEFL TO TEACH ENGLISH IN ANTOHER COUNTRY…I am ready to travel and do what you are doing..I have monthly problem and if there’s anybody out there wanting to adventure ..let me know..I can be reached at…I want to live near Playa del Carmen so badly…. but ready to travel about….

Let me know what you think!