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5 Weird Facts About Canada

We have been slow traveling in Canada for nearly two months now and we’ve discovered 5 weird facts about Canada you didn’t know.

1. Do You Have Gas?

Gas pumps in Canada do not have trigger locks. That means when it is cold as hell outside like it is all the damn time, you have to actually hold your gas pump instead of locking it and sitting in your nice warm car. Yay! So not only am I paying a small fortune for the gas in Canada, I am getting frostbite while pumping my gas as well.

2. Got Milk?

Milk in Canada comes in a bag. I avoided buying milk for a few weeks because I didn’t understand why the hell it came in a bag. Finally, I asked my Airbnb host “why the hell the milk comes in a bag?” And she said, “it is supposed to be poured into a jug and it is more economical.” Oh shit. That’s smart. Dumb Texan here.

Trippin' Momma
The oldest holding a squishy bag of milk.

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3. Momma Needs Wine

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There is no freaking alcohol in the grocery stores in Canada. Nada. I am assuming that it is only sold in specialty stores. What?! So there is no putting wine in my cart with my groceries for this momma. Please send help!

4. Ho Ho Ho

Santa is here, Y’all! You can write Santa a letter from all around the world and send it to SANTA CLAUS NORTH POLE, H0H 0H0, CANADA by December 11th and you will receive a letter back. What’s even more amazing, is the fact that over 6000 Canada Post volunteers help write each recipient back in the language the letter was received in. How flippin’ awesome is that? Magic is real.

5. More Cheese Please

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Now, everyone loves Kraft Macaroni and cheese but no one loves it more than the Canadians. According to Wikipedia, Canadians consume 55% more Kraft boxes a year than Americans. Actually, Kraft Mac and cheese is considered Canada’s de facto national dish. Amazingly, out of the 7 million boxes sold weekly around the world, Canadians purchase 1.7 million of them.

Questions/ Discussion Time

What weird facts have you discovered while traveling? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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