The A(moya) Team

My girls and I make up the A(moya) Team – here’s a bit more about us!

Me at the Vatican loving life in Italy.

The voice behind the blog, Amoya Knudson, loves to talk about herself in the third person. Who doesn’t? Amoya or you can call her Trippin’ Momma is a graduate of St. Edward’s University holding a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing & Rhetoric but don’t let that fool you.

She is absolutely terrible at punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Thank goodness spell check exist! She is a simple-living-wannabe, emotional abuse survivor, an extended breastfeeding advocate, co-sleeping momma, veteran, minimalist, unschooling momma, and full-time traveler. As a single mother of three, you can often find Amoya with a glass of wine losing her mind. Other times you will find her seeking out new adventures around the world, engrossed in a darn good book, chasing after a toddler, or trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Alaya in Venice

The beautiful soul in the photo above is Alaya. She is a 13-year-old smart a** and an amazing leader. A true lover of animals and bugs. Seriously, she gets upset if you try and kill a cockroach. Her favorite things to do are talk a whole bunch, play Minecraft, watch endless YouTube videos, and read.

Beautiful Mia in Tirana, Albania

This beautiful soul on the balcony is Mia. She is a fierce beauty and her momma’s biggest helper. You can usually find her hiking, jumping on a trampoline, preparing to be an Olympic gymnast, or basically anything outdoors.

My baby Novella!

Last but not least is Novella. This is the monster that wears the pants in the family. She enjoys screaming on road trips, breaking sh*t, eating eggs, drinking her momma’s milk all day long, and playing outside when she is not in Canada freezing her butt off.

Backpacks only right before we got on the plane to Europe.

This is us and yes, Novella is running out of the picture as usual. Jump over to Our Story to learn more about our awesomeness!