The A(moya) Team

Me and my girls make up the A(moya) Team – here’s a bit more about us!

Trippin' Momma

The voice behind the blog, Amoya Knudson, loves to talk about herself in the third person. Who doesn’t? Amoya is a graduate of St. Edward’s University holding a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing & Rhetoric. Don’t let that fool you. She is absolutely terrible at punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Thank goodness spell check exist! She is a simple living wannabe, an extended breastfeeding advocate, co-sleeping momma, veteran, and minimalist. As a single mother of three, you can often find Amoya with a glass of wine losing her mind. Other times you will find her seeking out new adventures around the world, engrossed in a darn good book, chasing after a toddler, or trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.


This girl right here in the freaking chicken coop is “Oldest.” She is a 13-year-old smart a**. A true lover of animals and bugs. Seriously, she gets upset if you try and kill a cockroach. Her favorite things to do are talk too damn much, play Minecraft, watch endless YouTube videos, and read.


I don’t know what is up with the chickens but this girl right here is “Middle.” She is a sassy one and her momma’s biggest helper. You can usually find her hiking, jumping on a trampoline, or basically anything outdoors.


Last but not least is “Toddler.” This is the monster that wears the pants in the family. She enjoys screaming on road trips, breaking sh*t, eating eggs, drinking her momma’s milk all day long, and playing outside when she is not in Canada freezing her butt off.


This is us and yes, I am drinking at a poolside bar with 3 kids in tow. Jump over to Our Story to learn more about our awesomeness!